Lessons & Training

Workshops »

Workshops are something I think everybody should try to take advantage of. You are being given the opportunity to study with new people and learn new things. You can never stop learning this art form.
Keep checking for upcoming workshops that are being offered.

Weekly Classes »

Middle Eastern Dancing is a great form of fitness and fun for everyone. Find muscles you didn’t even know you had :) Come out and enjoy the experience of an age old art form.
All levels offered. 

Teen Dancers »

This is a great way for teens to build self confidence, learn about another culture, get some exercise and make new friends.


Belly Dancing Training Videos »

Now you get to learn in the comfort of your own home with these three volumes of training videos :) Or practise what you learn in class.  Video’s are a great way improve your dancing while practising at home.


FAQ’s »

These are common questions that are asked by people.  We put them together to try and help you find the information you are looking for :)